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Tao Finance Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to further open our hearts to our finances and financial stability. As we do this, we understand more deeply that there are many benefits of having a comfortable financial situation. In fact, it can help us flourish in every aspect of life.

As we grow financially, we are better able to support ourselves and to live the life we have dreamt of. We are also better able to do good for others.

The true financial flourishing is through service to humanity and great causes that benefit Mother Earth, humanity, animals, nature and more.

We will learn the deeper wisdom to open our financial virtue bank on Mother Earth, and the practical techniques to help us move towards a more stable and abundant financial life.

Welcome to our Tao finance workshop!


With: Master Teacher Maya Mackie
Date: August 18-20
Time: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm CEST and Sunday to 6.00 pm CEST
Location: Love Peace Harmony Center - Italiëlei 48 - B-2000 Antwerp
Costs: € 200 in person and CAD 280 webcast
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